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Why Choosing a Security System Integrator is Like Getting Married...

It's actually true. You might not have thought about it before but building business relationships is like getting married.


Allow me to further explain using the following reasons:


In order for your relationship with someone to be successful, you must have certain qualities that the other person will find attractive.

I’ll like to discuss this from the gentleman’s perspective…

These attractive qualities include attraction, chemistry, confidence, successful employment, the ability to provide, etc.

The same goes for a security system integrator. You must also process certain qualities, for attraction with your customer to occur as well. These qualities include having the required expertise, knowledge of the product, a track record, etc. You must also have the confidence and experience that will serve to make every project a complete success and this will ensure that your customer remains happy.


Every relationship is built on friendship. When the latter has been built, both parties get to enjoy the time they spend together. This friendship further develops into a great bond that also includes earned trust. To effectively build this bond, honesty is a critical part of gaining trust. In the same way, a security system integrator must be highly ethical.

Look at it this way…

If you lose a woman’s trust, she’ll get up and leave. In the same way, a customer eventually leaves once you’ve betrayed his (or her) trust.


Communication is a much needed component in developing a great relationship. As difficult as it might be, it is very necessary to talk with your significant other. If communication does not occur, trust gets violated. This will cause the passion in the relationship to burn out.