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At Boston Security Integration, we provide award-winning services needed to design, install and service access control systems, CCTV systems, intercom systems and business security systems throughout the New England area. More importantly, we specialize in the integration of these security systems providing a much higher level of security which results in saving you time. 


We are passionate about what we do, We attentively listen to your needs, design a system that solves your problem(s), install a system with the utmost in quality, keeping you informed every step of the way and work in such a manor that makes this a happy and pleasurable experience.


There are numerous access control systems on the market today. Not all of these products are user-friendly, easy to use, provide a simple solution or save you time. At Boston Security Integration, LLC, we continually review the latest technologies available on the market today and hand-pick the best products. These card access control systems not only function the way you would expect but also are guaranteed to save you valuable time. The systems we provide can handle anything from a single door application to a global application with offices and buildings scattered thoughout the world. The key to saving you time is the way these individual systems are integrated together to become one system.

Access Control Systems


Security Cameras are a critical part of any integrated security system. Whether you are a school wanting to provide piece of mind to parents and students, a business owner wishing to prevent theft and protect your bottom line or a hospital wishing to provide safety and privacy of a patient, security camera systems can do just that.

Find out why so many customers choose Boston Security Integration for their security camera needs.

CCTV Systems


At Boston Security Integration, we provide a wide range of Intercom and telephone entry units to meet your specific requirements.Having the ability to quickly identify visitors and guests are a critical step in keeping your business  and corporate buildings secure.

Call or email us today. We provide no-cost consulation and look forward forward to building long-lastly relationships with each and every customer.



Intrusion Detection Systems (Alarm Systems) allow businesses and business owners to ensure their  investments are protected against loss from both the public and their own internal employees.


Not all organizations can afford to hire private security companies to protect their business while the owners and managers are  not on site.


A properly installed intrusion detection system will immediately identify a breach and the appropriate coarse of action can be taken such as notifying the local police to respond accordingly.


Find out why so many customers trust Boston Security Integration for their security needs.

Business Security Systems
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